Wednesday, May 04, 2005

More for the war whores

Seems the House and Senate have approved another $82 billion (yes, that's Billion, with a B) to fund our ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (remember Afghanistan?). That brings the current bill for the war on terror to more that $300 billion. In other words, we've spent more than the GDP of many countries on these wars.

In the meantime, it seems that a small majority of this country has caught up with those of us who were opposed to the war in the first place. That's right. 57% of the folks in this poll said that going to Iraq was not worth it. Then again, only 1006 people were surveyed. I don't know what the demographics were for the poll, so there's a chance these folks were all from the pockets of smart that you can find in the US if you look really hard.

Support for our actions abroad does seem to be dwindling as time drags on. No surprise there. Far too many people are all gung-ho when things begin. Then the bills, blood, and body bags start to show up. This tends to cool the jets just a bit. Perhaps if folks had more foresight and a better understanding of the nature of war, they'd be a bit more reluctant to go charging in. I suspect most people expected another Desert Storm: in and out and there you go. I myself was pleased and more than a bit surprised we didn't get mired down then, so I'm not at all surprised that we're up to our necks in it now. Problem is, I’ve got no solutions to the problem, so in the end, I’m just soapboxing, no?

Today's domestic earphone policy:

Various - DJ C's Mid 90's Style Chillout
(surfing the sine waves)

Lamb Of God - Ashes Of The Wake
(now I have something to die for)

Various - XL Recordings: The Fifth Chapter
(packin' the floor, 1995 style)

Various - Infinite Sector Collective Compilation Vol III
(DIY electronics from around the world)

Skinny Puppy - Rabies
(Kev, Ogre, and the Duck plus Alien J; all is love)


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