Sunday, February 13, 2005

Back home again

Well, I've just returned from a brief jaunt to Philadelphia for my grandmother's memorial service. It strikes me as odd sometimes that one can have so little in common with one's relatives. I found myself surrounded by many people that I didn't even know, let alone recognize and it seemed that procedure dictated I speak to them about stuff other than what had brought us all together in the first place (more specifically, my grandmother's death). This did not go well. Lots of um-img and aw-ing. Adding to this the fact that I did not have the closest relationship with my grandmother, I found myself rather uncomfortable and missing the familiarity of New York. It is good to be back in the arms of my loving city (with its blessed anonimity) and that of my furriest of furries, Mr Boop (that would be the cat).

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