Thursday, May 05, 2005

Impending doom

It appears that the MyDoom virus has managed to worm (pun!) its way into the email system here at work. I arrived this morning to find 50 messages in my inbox from a bunch of people I've never even heard of. And big surprise! Each one of them had an attachment.

Who falls for this stuff?

Who in their right mind would open a document from someone they don't know? That's just stupid. This isn't one of those viruses that jumps around regardless of what you do. Those sophisticated bugs are thankfully very rare. MyDoom only works IF YOU OPEN THE ATTACHMENT. It's not destructive, just annoying; sends out a lot of additional emails and can clog up smaller EM servers. How do you stop it? DON'T OPEN THE ATTACHMENT. Child's play here, folks. Yet some people are just curious cats 'cause it's still bouncing around.

I just don't see the point of viruses in the first place. It's not like they're even good at anything. It would be different if you created a true worm, something that would suck information from a system and send it back to you. Again, such bugs exist, but they tend to be used against specific targets for industrial espionage and such. These little viruses like MyDoom are just built to annoy and incovenience.

So all you virus programmers out there: use your powers for good! Create a useful program, like something that will convince people that AOL sucks. In the meanwhile, stop bugging me (another pun!).

Today's blog contains the following infected attachments:

Magnetic Media - In The Past
(tech? no!)

Magnetic Media - Bitchcraft
(doublin' up on the wicked chick badassedness)

Main - Hz
(venturing further into the spaces between the stars)

Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine
(because Nine Inch Nails was Trent Reznor and With Teeth is gonna suck)

Count Basie - Swingsation
(eighteen choice tracks from 1937-1939; makes me jump at the woodside)


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