Friday, February 18, 2005

Marathon weekend

So I'm currently gathering my strength for the next couple of days. It's going to be NONSTOP.

Mom arrives today around 5:30. Then my gig at CBs starts at 1am. Then it's off to see "The Gates" in Central Park and the Peter Paul Reubens exhibit. Then Contempt at 10:30 that night where I'm supposed to meet "a friend" of my friend Rick's (oh, R, you match maker, you). Sunday will be a decompress, although I may go to Motherfucker that night. Doubt it (sorry, Rebecca). Then Monday... no work! However, I'm sure Mom and I will be up to something during the day. Then it's my friend Bianca's art opening.

I'm going to be dead by Tuesday.

Today in high rotation...

House of Pain - House Of Pain
(look at me! I'm Irish and I'm drunk! Jump around!)

Eric B & Rakim - Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em
(that DJ made my day)

Blade2 Soundtrack
(Massive Attack and Mos Def?!?! Ah yeah!)

HeadPhoneOverTone - MP3 Compilations 1-3
(awesome guitar ambient you've never heard)


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