Friday, May 06, 2005

Down in the cellar

Never thought I'd see it.

The Yanks are in last place.

We haven't had a record this bad since 1995. I've stopped watching full games. Instead, I've been tuning in now and again to see how badly we're doing. The problem here is, the worse we do, the worse we feel; vicious cycle-type stuff.

But I’ll hang in. Perhaps the Yanks will get their act together. In the meantime, the Sux continue to play almost like world champs. Hell, they’re only 2 ½ games back of the Orioles.

In other news, it appears the master recording of my breaks the blank day project got lost, so I have to send another to Anne at Worthy. So if you ordered a copy (which you all should, ya know), it could be a bit before it arrives. Meanwhile, I’ve been talking to Anne about working on their website so they can take orders right there. This through the mail thing is just ridiculous.

Also, I’ll be spinning at this month’s Contempt on the 28th. It’s the event’s 7th anniversary, so festivities should ensue.

Funeral dirge for the Bombers:

Reign - Embrace
(mighty metal from Tyne and Wear, UK; those Brits have really cool town names, no?)

Yaz - Upstairs At Eric’s
(Alison Moyet brings my love down, big time)

3rd Bass - The Cactus Album
(MC Serch, Prime Minister Pete Nice, and Daddy Rich doin’ three the hard way)

The Smiths - Louder Than Bombs
(Morrisey, a man with one name for whom a thousand adjectives would never suffice; Marr, just underappreciated)


Anonymous b. anca said...

upstairs or downstairs?

2:08 PM  

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