Thursday, September 22, 2005

Things as they should be

For two months now, each time I've updated the ranking tables to the right, I've had to look at the SECOND line on CNNSI's standings screen to get the Yanks record and the first line to get the Sux record.

Boo. Hiss.

But the natural order of things has been restored. Last night, Randy Johnson pitched the Yanks to another victory over the Baltimore Orioles. Mariano gave me a few unaccustomed moments of pause, but didn't blow it. Meanwhile, those tenacious Tampa Devil Rays bitchslapped the Sux. Our combined efforts put Boston in second place (where they belong) in both the AL East and the AL Wildcard races.


Wouldn't it just be glorious if the Sux didn't even make the playoffs? Oh, that would be so great. At this point, it matters more to me that Boston get shafted than that the Yanks win the World Series. I'll be happy just as long as we do better than the Sux. Wooooo! I am a vindictive prick!

But with only ten games left in the season and our lead tenuous at best, I'm still biting my nails. Those last three games against Boston (9/30-10/2) are going to be insane to say the least.

Randy says suck on this.

Today's lo-card specials:

Various - Comfort Stand Sampler
(tons of weirdness from this great weblabel)

Various - Noisia's DOA Mix 092005
(hyper speed break beat and jungle tasty)

Various - California Dreaming
(FFRR in 1993? who would like it?)

Authist & Dub One! - Dub Illusions EP
(it's da neodub vibeage, mon)

Beastie Boys - Licensed To Ill
(yeah, what about it? whatchu gotta say? you lookin' at me?)


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