Monday, April 03, 2006


So instead of sitting around on my butt and watching TV all weekend, I elected to spend it sitting around on my butt and working on music. I was partially inspired by the idea of attending the Orb concert on Saturday, but that ended up getting canceled, as the club it was to be held at was closed down by the cops for drug violations.

Thanks to all you stupid, dopehead clubkids.

Anyway, I had a tasty dinner with Bianca and Yaniv instead, so that was nice.

But back to the music.

I'd had a couple of Breaks The Blank Day tracks kicking around, so I decided to finish them. Having done so, I came up with a nice track order and created a new EP, "Moons Decay And Suns Decline".

You can check it out and download the tracks and artwork on my site. It's the usual Breaks The Blank Day kind of stuff: ambient, glitchy, abstract and completely improvised. I even threw together a dub remix of one of the tracks under the guise of my Abstract Audio Systems persona.


Falling out of orbit to:

Breaks The Blank Day - Moons Decay And Suns Decline
(spaced out and fuzzy)

Marshall Watson - 100 Smooth Trobones
(fuzzy and spaced out)

Litmus0001 - Bliss
(quite the apt title)

Various - Have A Relapse
(head shred)

Rob Zombie - Past, Present & Future
(cause I needs me a living dead girl)


Anonymous litmus0001 said...

Glad you like the tune!

j = litmus0001

1:43 PM  
Blogger Damien Olsen said...

I found the art cover fascinating,
i listened the first track on Machine Tribes Recordings and downloaded for free.
Why for free?

Ambient musicians are ego free?
It is just a question..
Listen my work at
Interested in collaboration?

Thanks and happy year.
keep doing good stuff.

8:40 AM  

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