Monday, March 20, 2006

Mission accomplished

Happy anniversary, George.

We invaded Iraq three years ago today. A little over a month later, our Fearless Leader was seen aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln declaring that the major hostilities in Iraq were over. At that point, we'd only lost about 140 people. Pretty peachy, no? Quick, clean, and efficient.

About 2200 dead soldiers later, we're still at it and there's no end it sight.

Kinda jumped the gun, eh George?

Should have talked to Nancy Reagan's psychic friends first...

I was down in Philadelphia last weekend for Mom’s birthday and I was speaking with my stepfather. He told me about a dream he'd had where he was over in Iraq and in charge of a squad of "celebrity" soldiers. Bush's two daughters were there as well as the children of several cabinet members and prominent administration officials. The squad was attacked and almost wiped out. What a way to add to the almost 20,000 US troops that have been killed or wounded so far, no?

Not to wish death on anybody, but can you imagine the reaction if that actually happened? I think it would be great if any politician who actively supported a war was required to send their children into battle. My point is that I think Mr. Bush and friends might be a bit more reluctant to throw people in harm's way for nothing if those people were their own flesh and blood.

From the sweet to the sweat:

Charlie Parker - The Quintet
(Bird and Diz bring the bliss)

Charlie Patton - Founder Of The Delta Blues
(bluer than blue can be)

Bounty Killer - 5th Element
(dem step up and dem get beat down)

Nile - Annihilation Of The Wicked
(King Tut's favorite brand of thrash)

Godflesh - Streetcleaner
(steamrollin' hedz for over 16 years)


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