Thursday, May 03, 2007

DJ Abstract turns twenty

I'd been toying with the idea of throwing together another mix for some time. The problem was figuring out what style of music I wanted to spin. I'd come up with a number of really cool starting songs and had some great ideas on where the subsequent flows would go, but it was a "kid in a candy store"-type situation.

So much music; so many choices.

Adding to the trickiness was the fact that this would be my twentieth mix; a milestone of sorts, no? Would I go back to the beginning and do a downtempo mix a la The Dark Lounge Mix? Perhaps another trance mix like the last couple I've done? Some wicked d&b and breakcore instead? Maybe some metal?

Goodness knows this was a tough one.

As it happens, however, I was listening to an old compilation yesterday (Law Of The Jungle) and this proved to be the breakwater. T. Power's track "Elemental" is a chilled out yet still d&b track that got me thinking... what about a laid back jungle mix? Not the usual miasmic, evil hover bass and shattered breaks that I usually employ and enjoy, but a more introspective, mellow approach. My brain started churning pretty much right away: Roni Size jazz-inflections, older Grooverider tunes, Laswell organic bass...

Oh... Oh yes…

And so was birthed DJ Abstract 20: The Polychrome Mix. Mostly mellow, some bits of heavy, but mostly a relaxed, inward-looking vibe.

01 T. Power - Elemental
02 Roni Size - Jazz
03 Matrix - Mute
04 Lamb - Five
05 Jonny L - I Let U
06 Grooverider - Starbase 23
07 Boymerang - Lazarus
08 Spring Heel Jack - Eesti
09 Chris J - Revelation
10 Goldie - Sensual
11 Bill Laswell - Faktura
12 The Bug - Living Dub

So head over to my website and download it along with my other nineteen mixes. So much audio tasty to choose from, so go see, hear, share and enjoy.

Sailing upon the seas of sound:

Various - DJ Abstract 20: The Polychrome Mix
(just think, one more mix and I can vote)

Erroll Garner - The Complete Savoy Master Takes
(brilliant piano from a guy who couldn't even read music; amazing)

Immortal - Pure Holocaust
(vocals sound better when you've got a diseased frog in your throat)

Various - Silent Season Dub
(glitchy crinkley floaty)

Various - Immortalized
(the Earache collectors can; three discs of pure brutality)


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