Friday, April 13, 2007

Wolf in chump's clothing

According to CNN, the staff of the World Bank is calling for President Paul Wolfowitz's resignation. And why is this, you may ask? What did this pillar of honesty and integrity, this quintessential neo-con moralist representative, do to deserve such treatment?

He promoted his girlfriend without askin' nobody.

Nice one, Paul.

Apparently this is one of the first things he did after being successfully nominated to the post by Senor Dumbya (much to the disappointment and chagrin of most of the WB's staff, BTW; after all, who enjoys it when a neo-Manifest Destiny, "America Right Or Wrong" beast like Wolfie is force fed to an organization devoted fighting global poverty?).

Sure, Paulie has apologized, but then excused his actions by saying that he was in "uncharted waters" and still new to the job.

That's a load of shit.

When it comes to stuff like this, being President of the World Bank is no different than being, for example, a Store Manager for Walmart. You can't just unilaterally promote someone you're boning, whether the bone-ee deserves the promo or not. Hell, if I'd been in his position, I'd have made triple sure that EVERYBODY was involved in the decision. I'd have been holding meetings with the goddamned janitor if I'd thought it would assure people that I wasn't practicing favoritism.

Still, Wolfowitz has never been one to operate within the rules. I guess he's a real "out of the box" thinker (or, in this case, an "all about her box" thinker…). But while it's a round about way to do it, I do hope this ends with him leaving. After all, I suspect things at the World Bank over the last two years or so have been more focused around Paul's role in the instigation of the war in Iraq and his bozo-buddy-ness with GDumbya than on actually combating poverty around the world. But I suspect that the conservative cavalry will soon come to his aid. Start looking for key members of the World Bank ethics committee to start disappearing mysteriously...

OK. Maybe not. But the neo-cons always manage to protect their own, don't they.

Unless you're name is Scooter.

"Maybe I should have just stuck with the BJs in the office. Hell, it worked for Bill. Almost."

The World Bank did not finance the following:

Fat Jon The Ample Soul Physician - Lightweight Heavy
(downbeat blissout)

CocoRosie - Noah's Ark
(I don't know about the animals, but I want these two chicks with me when the flood comes)

Takeshi Muto - Expect More From A Past Life
(mutated glitch quirk fest)

Bounty Killer - 5th Element
(you naw gwon step to dis, bwoi)

The Acacia Strain - The Dead Walk
(better living through malicious wounding)


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