Thursday, December 13, 2007

Let him rot

Varg Vikernes. Motherfucker.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this waste of skin, Varg Vikernes (born Kristian Vikernes), aka Count Grishnackh, is a black metal musician currently in prison for the murder of Oystein Aarseth, aka Euronymous. Euronymous was the guitarist for Mayhem as well as the owner of Helvete, a record shop in Oslo specializing in underground metal. He also was the head of the Deathlike Silence label which similarly specialized in extreme music. Now Euronymous was no great shakes himself, but few people deserve to get stabbed in the head on purpose. I can think of a couple, but that is neither here nor there.

(BTW, the history of Mayhem is screwed up enough to begin with, but that's another blog entirely; suicide, cannibalism, etc. Look it up.)

Anyway, back to Varg. He has also been connected to several church burnings in Norway and apparently has "inspired" other acts of vandalism and arson not only in his country, but around the world. While I'm not a big fan of religion in general, I definitely stop short at condoning the destruction of centuries old buildings that hold not only historical but spiritual significance. Say what you will about ritual and all that, but if enough people gather in a place for long enough with the intent of worshipping something, it does imbue that place with a certain "otherness" that should be preserved.

So I delved into this fuckwad a great deal when I started getting deeply into black metal. I read a lot of his writings from his website, histories and opinions from other sources, etc.

Wow. Not only is this guy an arrogant SOB, he's nowhere near as intelligent (or interesting) as he thinks he is. Then again, that's par for the course for a psychopathic personality, no? What a douche.

I mention all this because the Might Derek Rush has brought to my attention that Vikernes may be released from prison in April 2008. I can't believe he might get sprung. It's not like he's even attempted to portray himself as reformed. In fact, he's gotten worse while in prison.

Prior to the slamma he was all "I'm a naughty Pagan". Burn churches, rant against Judeo-Christian everything, purport to be a child of Odin, etc. Then I guess he gets too much of a buttfucking in jail and all of a sudden he's the Aryan poster boy. Odalism is out the door in favor of CYA rightwing Nazi stupidity. Way to stick to your guns, big guy. Still, it will be interesting to see how the press covers him once he's out. When he was first sent up, the papers portrayed him as the Essence of Evil. Now let's hope they see that he's just another schmuck.

Smile if you've changed your mind due to a nasty cornholing.

All this being said, remember this post after I get murdered in the street by rabid Burzum fans...

Varg, from His Towering Throne of Irrelevance, resents:

Mingus Big Band - Gunslinging Birds
(boom bip bebop)

James Brown - Sex Machine
(cashing in on a great tune)

Miles David - Cookin' With The Miles Davis Quintet
(mucho miles on this Miles)

Fat Jon The Ample Soul Physician - Wave Motion
(another mellow fellow)

Sunn O))) - The Grimm Robe Demos
(deep into the blank and black)


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