Thursday, September 13, 2007

Much ado about nothing

Kathy Griffin.

She is funny.

She is STILL funny (perhaps even funnier...)

Some folks are comparing the comments she made during her Emmy acceptance speech to those of Don Imus (not that I thought his were bad), Michael Richards (which were bad), and Isaiah Washington (also bad).

"A lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this award. I want you to know that no one had less to do with this award than Jesus... Can you believe this shit? Hell has frozen over. Suck it, Jesus; this award is my god now."

I think she actually made a good point (in a subtle, roundabout way).

How many times have you seen an athlete, actor, or somebody else accept a commendation and utter the words, "I'd like to thank Jesus (or God) for ", etc., etc. It's gotten to the point where this is just kind of rote, no? This isn't to say that God has nothing to do with your achievement (some people believe that, some people don't), but these kinds of statements are almost knee-jerk these days. Sometimes they even sound like pandering; not to God, but to public opinion.

I think this is what Kathy was poking fun at.

But, as usual, the staunchest missed the point. A good example? Bill Donahue, head of the Catholic League, is livid, calling KG "a foul mouthed bigot" and condemning her speech as a "verbal assault on 85 percent of the U.S. population".

Um... Bill...

At no point did she say "Catholics are stupid" or any other such comment. In fact, she didn't even mention any religion specifically. She did not even say that religious people were stupid. Also, last time I checked it was not just the Catholics who worshipped the Big JC. Kathy's comment was obviously made in a tongue-in-cheek manner (like pretty much everything she says), but far too many people have skin that is far too thin.

Get over it.

It's not like she strapped a bomb to her chest and detonated herself in a downtown market or something. THAT is an anti-religious statement. Ask an Israeli some time (you know, the people you call "Christ Killers"?).

Get some perspective, people, for goodness (or Christ's) sake.

Kathy Griffin had nothing to do with Jesus enjoying the following:

Techno Animal - Re-Entry
(two packed discs of neo-dub otherworldliness)

John Coltrane - Lush Life
(five packed tracks of jazzy innerworldliness)

Tom Waits - Blood Money
(the gravel gargler returns)

Nile - Ithyphallic
("no one had less to do with this award than Osiris")

Cannibal Corpse - Eaten Back To Life
(because we all taste like chicken)


Blogger Wink said...

What I like best is that I really think a lot of these folks believe that this God guy, you know, the man up in the clouds with the grey beard, who would probably be beaten up by cops for looking like an old hippy - out of the what? 6.5 BILLION people on the planet, he's sitting around, being busy spending his time making sure that Tupac or Jim Belushi or Michele Shocked (yeah, she's a Xian now) - anyway, he's got nothing better to do than make sure that these folks rake in millions after millions of dollars for their mediocre careers, as if they're saving lives like an E.R. doctor (the exception maybe being Tupac, hope he's right and God does exist, or he's S.O.L.)

I like that Ms. Griffin made it clear that her success, after decades of work, came from her persistence, dedication, and all that stuff that along with luck and talent and timing, is what earned her that award. 'Cuz if there is a God, of whatever faith, I'd like to think she/he/it has better things to do, like maybe helping the billions of poor, starving and sick people on this planet, than to waste his/her/their time making sure that 50 Cent's next CD goes platinum.

This is why I don't believe in any God(s) but I sure as heck believe in Kath Griffin. She is my new deity. Kathy Bless Her. And me.

3:46 AM  

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