Monday, August 27, 2007

Going, going, Gonzales

It's getting to be like Ten Little Indians.

Finally buckling to pressure from just about everybody except the president himself, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has resigned. AG the AG (ever notice that?) has been tied to the wonky firings of eight US attorneys that stemmed, it appears, from political reasons. After his continuing tissue-paper-flimsy testimony to Congress, this comes as no surprise to anybody; except... perhaps the president himself. Actually, probably not; I'm sure he knew Gonzales was fucked months ago and just put his head in the sand.

He's really good at that.

Yes, our Fearless Leader will emerge from his vacation at Crawford to make the announcement.

(Side note: Is it my impression or does GW take more vacations then any standing president that I remember)

Donald Rumsfeld. Paul Wolfowitz. Karl Rove. Alberto Gonzales. Bush is running out of cronies. I can just imagine in about 6 months...

"President Bush announced today his appointment of Bob Smith to the position of Secretary of State. Smith, a former White House janitor, is said to have developed a close and personal relationship with the President over his 7 year tenure at the White House. Congress has already begun to question Smith's qualifications. No reaction so far from the administration."

GW sits alone in the Oval Office and cries in a pitiful voice, "Where'd everybody go?"

Posing for his milk cartoon picture.

Celebratory dances provided by:

Various - Lousiana Swamp Blues
(bring da zydeco, ho)

The Cure - Disintegration
(another feel good all time classic)

The Clash - London Calling
(phony beatle-mania has bitten the dust)

Anti Sound System - Deep Black Static
(australian for "oh, my fucking ears hurt”)

Anti Sound - Five Wounds
(another slab of vicious noise done aussie style)


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