Saturday, February 26, 2005

Sweaty, tired and happy

Well, I've managed to drag myself out of bed for the weekend. Got in at 4am this morning after seeing Kid606 at Rothko last night. Man, what a show. I haven't danced that hard in a long time. It was crazy. The shirt was drenched in sweat and then off within the space of about five minutes. Just great. I'm grinning like the village idiot just thinking about it. I'm sore this morning (not as young as I used to be), but feeling tres relaxed. Nice nice nice.

Also just put the finishing touches on the new Abstract Audio Systems release, "gossamer". I like this one quite a bit. Mixed all kinds of disparate elements to create the sound, from straight up electronic to acoustic piano. I'm especially fond of the title track. Everyone should check it out and give me comments. Also check out "Ghosts In Silt" from my Bonechurch project. Spooky!

Still haven't heard back from the folks at Worthy about "breaks the blank day", but I suspect Anne is usually crazy busy. Not easy running an indie label. Trust me, I know. And hell, her's is actually fairly successful!

Anyway, hope everybody is just perky.

Today's specials in the audio aisle:

Immortal - Sons Of Northern Darkness
(stripped down Norwegian black metal brutality; RRRRRRRR!)

Mr. Ozio - Analog Worms Attack
(crunchy Derrick-May-on-steroids-and-crack technofunkage)

Various Artists - Crimson
(Terminal Dusk's first compilation; wicked breakcore nastiness)

Timeblind - MP3 Compilations 1&2
(This guys is all over the place: dub-inflected house, breakbeat, dance dance dance)

Various Artists - Down And Out With The Blues
(compilation I threw together of old 78s from the 1920s and 30s)


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