Tuesday, April 19, 2005

And the winner is...

No surprise here.

Your new champion of ecclesiastical repression and pseudo-moral absolutism? Benedict XVI!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Benedict XVI nee Joseph Ratzinger. Joe has spent the last 20 years cracking down on liberal theology and religious pluralism. As one of Pope John Paul II's main advisors, he's been key in maintaining the church's archaic opposition to homosexuality, women's ordination, and other "left leaning" ideas.

While he was a bit of a dissident in his younger years, Ratzinger's prolonged exposure to the mind numbing doctrines of the Roman Catholic church have yanked him far to the right and completely out of the realm of common sense and modern thinking.

In short, John Paul II did a really good job at stacking the deck against any possibility that the church might make some steps forward a la Vatican II. So look for continued stubbornness from the RCC as they maintain their refusal to evolve.

And brush up on your Latin because that may be making a comeback, too.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

"Just raise your hands 'cause I'm dope!
Yet another conservative pope!
Jump! Jump!"

Bangin' at the hectic heathen dance party:

Jack Dangers - Variacones Espectrales
(Meat Beat master steps away for a little glitchfunk fun)

Soul Coughing - Irresistible Bliss
(moving upside and letting the man go through)

Clockdva - Man-Amplified
(icy cold sterile-tech from the makers of Buried Dreams)

V. Sheze vs. C. Krumov - ZD-0-0-0-B1-X1
(darkhop from the wilds of somewheres; don't even remember where the hell I got this, but it's devilish)

Various - The White Cliffs Of Dover
(turn on a radio in 1943 and you'd hear all this stuff)


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