Friday, April 15, 2005

Das Werk

Kraftwerk is playing the Hammerstein Ballroom in June.

my server must be down or sumpin

I am a happy man.

I caught them the last time they played there. What an incredible event. The line was around the block and the energy was palpable. I did, however, get a kick out of the following.

A couple was walking down the sidewalk, doing their level best to avoid bumping into the seething masses lined up to see Florian and Ralf do their thing. The couple stops right next to me, eyeing the queue that stretches off into the distance. And the male of the duo is heard to say:

"Wow. That's a lot of people. Who's playing tonight?"

My response: "Oh, just some German band."

My fellow line mates were quite amused.

The concert itself was a multimedia event of epic proportions. Huge video screens stationed behind a delicate bank of electronic equipment. And the space fit the band perfectly. Hammerstein, for those of you who never been, is huge. The ceilings are at least 50 feet high. Add to that some thunderous bass and throbbing robot pop and you've got the Kraftwerk show. There was a lot of soul in the air. I realize this sounds strange, given the sterile, mechanical nature of Kraftwerk's ouevre, but the sounds were simply uplifting. I was trying to explain this to Derek, but couldn't adequately describe the feeling.

All this vocab I have and it still escapes me.

Anyway, if the show in June ends up being half as good, I will be more than pleased. This is a band that is at the root of so much of the music that I love. Their influence cannot be overstated and it's a privilege to get to see them ply their craft.

BTW, the aforementioned Derek was kind enough to send me the following pic of me plying one of my trades at Niagara. Throwing down the hectic beats!

my server must be down or sumpin
And no, I did not have a toothache. Just small headphones.

Rockin' back inside my heart:

Rusuden - Formulae Remixes
(can't get the Enduser remix on this CD out of my brain)

Blackmouth - Blackmouth
(Jarboe and the guys from Trust Obey will scare the crap out of you)

Entombed - Wolverine Blues
("Pound for pound, I am the most viscious of all." And I'm Swedish.)

The Orb - U.F.Orb
(who would have thought it was possible to make a 40-minute ambient track that wasn't boring?)

Boymerang - Balance Of The Force
(who would have thought it was possible to make mellow techstep?)


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