Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Back into time

Had some free time on my hands yesterday for reasons that are better left unsaid. Did some reading (polished off my latest Tim Dorsey book, Triggerfish Twist) and then decided to whip together another spin mix for Jerry.

What began as a quest for throbbing bass and twisted beats strangely mutated. More trance and techno crept into my mind and wrapped itself around my soul. And lo, by the time the mix was finished, a strange phenomena had occurred. A quick glance at all of the albums I'd used to make the mix revealed they were all... from the early 1990s.

I was actually quite pleased.

I'll be the first to admit that I've been worshipping at the feet of breakcore, dark ambient, and many other latter-day electronic genres (as well as other countless music flavas). But it is good to know that the stuff I was careening around to at raves ten years ago still moves me.

Abandoned warehouses packed with ridiculously dressed people tripping their faces off (rule number one of warehouse raves: bring your own water). Never did the drugs myself, but did the music in a grand fashion. I remember driving up from Philly for a rave in the Bronx. We arrived at 8pm and danced until 7am the following morning.

And I mean danced without stopping.

Of course, I was about 23 at the time, so I could still do that crazy shit.

Anyway, I will be handing Jerry DJ Abstract's Nineties Junkie Mix 6 come Monday morning. I may also slip in some old skool during tonight's gig as a way to continue this guilty pleasure...

my server must be down or sumpin

Today's pump, pump, pump, pump it up:

Marilyn Manson - Antichrist Superstar
(Brian manages to finally make a coherent mission statement, which he promptly forgets)

Bonechurch - BlackStatic
(the first CD I ever released... sniff... that's my boy)

Lamb - What Sound
(the tasty Limited Edition with the extra stuff; trippy!)

Cabaret Voltaire - Colours
(Richard Kirk takes a page from Coil's LSD acid house playbook)

Various - DJ Abstract's Nineties Junkie Mix 6
("We are controlling transmission.")


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