Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Spreading the Virus

So it's official. I'll being spinning on April 12th at Choking Victim, a mixed music/art exhibit. Swing by Niagara (112 Ave A at 7th St in NYC) after 10PM and hear me do my thing. I'll be spinning trance, breakcore, and all kinds of fun stuff. The woman who's running the night told me to "play music that you enjoy". That covers a lot of ground, so I intend to pull out as many stops as possible.

Lots of good shows coming up, too. I've already gotten tickets to Autechre. They're playing Webster Hall in May. An odd choice of venue, but I suspect they can pull it off. At this point, I'm not sure there's anything they can't do.

Also going to catch Joseph Arthur later this month, as well as the Raveonettes. I first heard the latter at Little Steven's Garage Rock Festival last summer. They only got to play ONE SONG, but it was great and behold, an instant fan. I have say thanks to them for cutting their set short because that meant Iggy Pop got to play that much longer. Iggy Pop... AW YEAH!

Turning it up a notch:

Bitsplitter - Infinite Concrete Ricochet
(thunderous bass and shredded noise; an excellent earwax removal kit)

Frank Sinatra - Falling In Love With Frank Sinatra And Tommy Dorsey)
(The Chairman circa 1940; the man can croon)

Sedan - MP3 Compilation 1
(plucked from the oasis that is Archive.org; soft, inviting glitch and washes; just loverly)

Lard - The Power Of Lard
("The next time we have sex, just pretend that I'm Ed Meese"; oh, the funnybone)

Gorillaz - Laika Come Home
(Spacemonkeyz have their way with those cartoon guys)

Jesus Christ Superstar Soundtrack
(the original Broadway recording; something luscious about the lead singer of Deep Purple playing Jesus...)


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