Thursday, March 31, 2005

Bigotry and Art

Plucked from an email about bigotry, music, and mixed race folk:

(regarding racial purity)

What an incredibly stupid concept.

As if ANYONE was truly racially pure any more. I suppose if you take the broadest definition and cut along color lines (white, brown, yellow), you'd increase the number of successful candidates, but hell, I'm lily-white, but Scotch-Irish, English, German, and Pict. For fuck's sake, I'm a white boy melting pot, but would that make me Aryan? Dumb dumb dumb.

As for listening to / supporting music and art with heavy racist/bigoted overtones... This is a bit more tricky.

I LOVE black metal and I LOVE hardcore rap, but there's no denying that these seemingly extreme opposites have hate in common. One says kill the Jews and the mud people, the other says kill cops and white people (oh, and the Jews too; always popular, that). However, appreciation of the art itself does not necessarily indicate support for the message it contains. I certainly don't live the "black metal" lifestyle and I am seriously low on bling and gats, so gangsta is similarly out. Unfortunately, most people cannot separate the message from the medium.

If anything, I use creations like these to bring these issues into sharp relief. The current state of racism and bigotry in America is that it is no longer socially acceptable (at least in the mainstream, though this holds truer for race than it does sexual orientation). The end result of this is that these opinions have gone underground. There are fewer and fewer examples of openly bigoted people (David Duke, the Pope, and the Prez come to mind), so in a way, it's almost helpful for these idiots to come right out and say what they think. Easier to logically counter an argument when you can attack and contradict specific statements and beliefs.

In the end, my opinions are not weak enough to be swayed by some Hitler or Farrakhan wannabe. In my opinion, the higher they stand on their soapboxes, the easier they are to knock down. In the meantime, though, I'll bang or bob my head to them and while I'm having a good time, any of their brainwashed fans can try to debate me.


Various - DJ C's Rubber Teeth
(junglism, dub, hiphop and reggae mashup)

Various - DJ C's Asthma Camp
(more slammin' beats from DJ C)

Various - DJ C's Junglist Bashment
(because too much is never enough)

Various - DJ C's Mid90s Style Chillout
(The Orb, Aphex Twin, and gorgeous nobtwiddlers)

Various - DJ C's Mix For Sharon
(sensing a pattern here?)


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