Wednesday, March 30, 2005

In praise of acid

Oh, how I miss the heady days of the mid 1990s. The glory days of Clinton; you could still find a decent rave; the tech bubble had yet to burst and I was making more money that Cressus.

And there was ACID.

No, I don't mean the drug. I mean the music (although one could put two and two together and suss out the reason the music was named thusly). Squelchy, heavy beated, joyously mindless dance music that was simply irresistible. You could not NOT dance to this stuff. Hell, even CRD victims (Caucasian Rhythm Disorder) could not help but flop around aimlessly to acid.

I bring this up because Derek sent me an email about a tune he couldn't track down. At first, I thought it might be "Fetish" by Baby Ford, but prolly not. Hopefully D will hum the track in question to me next time I see him. But I still want everybody to hear "Fetish" because it's an amazing tune. Pretty acid. Not as acid-y as Hardfloor (they are so great!) but still tasty in the extreme.

Bobbin' ma head to dis:

Baby Ford - Fetish
("You're the queen in my dreams")

KMFDM - Godlike
(like Slayer, only slow and German)

Austere - Fade
(amazing ambient from Oregon)

A Great White Bird - Collection 1
(this is the kind of stuff that inspires me to create music)

Alec Empire - The Destroyer
(head honcho of DHR fucks you three times and punches you in the mouth)


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