Friday, May 06, 2005

Quit yer bitchin PS

OK. This really pisses me off. I am so sick and tired of people saying that women are somehow more devoted to their children than men are. All this guilt and angst about "oh, how do I balance my career and raising my children?". Know what? Welcome to what men have been struggling with since forever. WE have always been the one who is supposed to support the family while our wives raise the children, like it or not. And if we don't like it? Try getting 4 months of paternity leave.

Your boss would laugh in your face.

I know of only ONE family where the guy stays at home and "plays Mommy" (a term which is in itself incredibly annoying). Guess what? His kids are perfectly well adjusted AND their clothes match. Imagine that. Even given that, he almost always gets a funny look when people ask him what he does for a living and he says, "I'm a full time Dad."

The situation is this, ladies. Enjoy the fact that society affords you the choice of saying, "OK, I don't want to work any more. I'm going to stay at home, raise my kids, and spend my husband's money."

OK, that last comment was more than a little bitter. Sorry.

Anyway, what I am saying is that at least women have the choice to be full time Moms. So don't complain so much about balancing work and family. Men have had to do it since time began, so catch up. Be equal after all. This attitude that childrearing is more important to women is simply sexist, so don't think for a minute that our secret agonies are any less than your public ones. Men simply do what's expected of them more often than not and then we don't bitch about it.

Oh, and if you think that all this doesn't apply to your husband, you married the wrong guy.


Blogger Christine said...

Unfortunately, women rarely have any "choice" about working these days. Not if you want to be able to feed the kids you have. I haven't read far enough to determine your age but I will say that the "feminist" generation has bred a bunch of lazy men who in general don't want to be the sole provider and expect their wives to go out and bring home the eggs to go with that bacon. This is at the very least. At most, these guys are stay at home dads for the simple reason that they are unemployed or unemployable. Even then, some expect their wives to get the kids to daycare as they don't want the responsibility.
Roles are no longer clearly defined and in my opinion, that certainly isn't for the best. Women are wired to be nurturers. Not that a father doesn't love his child just as much it is just....different.

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