Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Happy happy

Just found out today that Goldfrapp will be releasing a new album in August! Supernature hits the streets on the 22nd (whether that's a UK or US date, I don't know).

Happy happy.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Goldfrapp...

Allison Goldfrapp is a singer and keyboardist who first cut her teeth on Tricky's Maxinquaye in 1995. She then did stuff with Orbital and Add N To X. She's a phenomenal vocalist, capable of delicate beauty and incredible power.

Goldfrapp hooked up with composer Will Gregory after a friend of her's tossed him some of her compositions. The duo signed to Mute in 1999 and released Felt Mountain in 2000. It's an amazing album, slightly in the vein of Portishead, but think more torch song and less darkness. It's practically a lounge album, borrowing heavily from jazz, folk, and pop, yet it never sounding cluttered or unfocused. Gorgeous.

2003 saw the release of Black Cherry, a heavily electronic album vastly different from Felt Mountain. Allison's vocals are commanding and entrancing as always, but the arrangements and instrumentation are much more experimental. Many critics thought that this was a bit of misstep, but trust me, they couldn't be more wrong. I actually prefer this CD to the first album, as I find the electronic bent more intriguing. This record's ballads are breathtaking and heartrending, it's uptempo tracks bumping and fun to wiggle to. There are really no throwaways here.

As beautiful as her voice.

So I anxiously await the release of Supernature. If the single is any indication, the band is picking up where it left off.

Again, happy happy.

These will tide me over until then:

Goldfrapp - Black Cherry
(floating vocals not afraid to indulge in funky jams)

Cranes - Forever
(angels sing to devil's music)

Proswell - Konami
(pure unadulterated glitch, damn it)

Alien Sex Fiend - Curse
(for the zombiefied amongst us)


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