Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Mixed bag

It seems my life is often a collection of situations involving almost polar opposites. Good news often gets soured by bad and, likewise, bad is often tempered by good.

The last few days provide a perfect example.

We've learned more about my stepfather's cancer. It's spread to his pancreas, his hip, and some of his adrenal glands. The doctors are giving him a year at best. Mom is taking it fairly well, but it looks like when Skip does die she'll no longer receive his pension, health insurance or (perhaps) his social security. She can only work part time as it is, so money will be tight and my sister and I will no doubt have to support her.

That's bad news.

On the flip side, I've submitted my Breaks The Blank Day project to the Kikapu netlabel and may be getting distribution from them. I also put together what I think is a pretty nice website for the project. If you want to download the two EPs I've already completed, you can snag them there. It's a pretty simple site, but I think it's elegant.

That's good news.

If I was the type of person who believed in a god that took a continuously active role in our lives, I'd think I was being fucked with (and I'd expect to find him laughing...). As it is, it just reaffirms my belief that we live in chaos most of the time and that we have to steer our own ships as best we can.

Getting my motor runnin':

Nasum - Shift
(37 minute slamdunk contest on your brain)

A Covenant Of Thorns - Hallowed & Hollow
(retro darkwave goodness)

The Dustmite - Seekers In Darkness
(the doom, the bip, the doom dip)

Korn - Life Is Peachy
(yep, you can say that again)

Abstract Audio Systems - The Ivory EP
(poignant piano drops)


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you actually QUOTED depeche mode???

things must be strange for you these days...

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