Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Work for idle hands to do

When I'm not working, cooking, dancing, writing music, or dodging shotgun blasts from the Vice President, I sometimes find myself getting bored.

And that's no fun.

Luckily, my obsession with music is such that during these terrible down times, I can turn my attention to another of my hobbies: DJing. If I find myself feeling less than entertained, I can often throw together some fairly sweet mixes.

Two cases in point.

On the last day of the GothCruise, I was struck with the cruise plague and was pretty much housebound for the entirety of the subsequent weekend. Unwilling to vegetate in front of the TV (which I sometimes do), I decided to throw together some tracks for a recent acquaintance whom I'd hoped to date. This person (who has since pretty much disappeared, as seems to be the inevitable result of such things for me) was really into house and techno, so the cogs and wheels in my head sputtered to life and gave birth to

DJ Abstract 12: The E.SP. Mix

Lots of four on the floor. Lots of rising synths. Just too much fun, no?

01 FC Kahuna - Hayling
02 Solvent - My Radio (The Mitgang Audio Remix)
03 Audion - Kisses
04 Matthew Dear - It's Over Now (Peter Grummich Remix)
05 Fortran 5 - Love Baby (Haze Mix)
06 Sven Dedek And Alex Bau - Listen To Me
07 Hive - The Chase (Remix)
08 Telepopmusik - Breathe (Extended Mix)
09 Moby - Go (Woodtick Mix)
10 Electrostatic - Misused (Reybot's Topcone Mix)
11 Analog Pussy - Anarchist
12 Abigail - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Club Mix)
13 Mos Def & Massive Attack - I Against I

Unfortunately, I've never been able to deliver it to the person who inspired it. Might see her briefly this weekend, so perhaps she'll finally get to hear it. Gotta say it was one of my best mixes.

At least until yesterday.

I took a half day off from work to get my taxes done and then got to sit around waiting for the cable guy. He was supposed to come between 2pm and 6pm. Big surprise. He never showed. However, in the intervening period I was yet again drawn to the idea of cranking out some sweet music. Given the fact that I've been listening to more than my fair share of that awful minimalist techno that everybody hates (heh heh), the end result was

DJ Abstract 13: Ice Blue Mix

Cavernous, dub-like sounds. Thunderous beats and chilly atmospheres. Lots of tracks from the Thinner label (god bless the Germans), mixed with some classics. After all, who can deny the joys of Aphex Twin or Coil remixed by Jack Dangers, eh?

01 Sebastian Redenz - Illusion
02 Karsten Hammer Hansen - Sun Spots
03 Coil - The Snow (Answers Come In Dreams II)
04 Dolby - Red 4
05 Yuma Tripp - Electro Dreams
06 Digitalverein - Winterdumpf (Dolbys Techmix)
07 Nulleins - Departure
08 Rktic - The Opposite Of
09 Timo Saikkoken - Pau
10 Curse - Most Of Here
11 Benfay - Rheas Blues
12 Nanospeed - Spielerei Rmx
13 Aphex Twin - Pulsewidth

I'm really proud of this one. Most of the tracks just melt into one another. It's pretty smoove (if I don't say so myself).

Another great thing about this burst of mixing frenzy is that it's given me a lot of ideas for my upcoming gig on Friday night. Major fun will be had, methinks. If y'all would like to stop by...

Friday, February 17th @ 9:00pm
The Frying Pan
Pier 63 North River
23rd & West Side Highway
New York, NY

I've no idea how late it's gonna go, but if last year's party was any indication, probably about 4am. My prayer is that I'll still be able to go to my spin classes on Saturday. That way I can give Emily her mix.

But one never knows, does one?

DJ Abstract's Hot Fives (Hot Sevens still at home):

Various - DJ Abstract 13: Ice Blue Mix
(turn up the heat, 'cause this shit is chilly)

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - The RK Tracks
(some of the faves of Ms. Kelly, bless her heart)

Souns - Lights
(light and lilting)

Nick Cramer - Anti-Gravity
(glittering and open, dubwise in space)

Polar - 37 Degrees Celsius And Falling
(dnb that continues with the icy theme)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shit like Abigail's cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit should be banned. It represents everything that's BAD in new milennium music (no, I don't think all new music is bad).

7:35 PM  
Blogger Ben said...

Yep, it's a bad cover, but it fit the mood when the mix was made. As for "new millenium music", I've no idea what you're talking about. That expression covers entirely too much ground. What particular aspect or genre of music that has been produced in the new millenium are you talking about? Then again, you might just be an opinionated prick like me.

8:18 PM  

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