Tuesday, January 31, 2006

More bad news

It's official. Sam Alito is the 110th Supreme Court Justice of the United States. The Senate confirmed him by a vote of 58 to 42. Now begins a period of uncertainty in this country, methinks. Will "Scalito" stay true to his word and keep his personal moral and political beliefs out of his decisions, especially since the Supreme Court is now stacked in favor of more conservative judges?

Let's hope so.

So now it's Kennedy, Roberts, Scalia, and Thomas versus Breyer, Ginsberg, and Stevens.

Seems Souter's roll as the court's remaining centrist has just got a lot more important. Turn your back on the dark side, David. Sandra Day O'Connor will thank you for it.

As will the rest of those of us who believe in individual freedoms.

Harbinger of doom?

Now in session:

Freescha - What's Come Inside Of You
(bleeps, glitches, and chuckles)

Various - DJ Abstract 12: The E.SP. Mix
(looks like she's never gonna hear it)

Louis Armstrong - Louis Armstrong Meets Oscar Peterson
(Satchmo keeps the horn in check and gives us the vox)

Demogorgon - Nephilim
(dark and gloomy)

Nasum - Shift
(never be a fucking puppet)


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