Friday, March 03, 2006

Welcome to Nuremberg, NJ

Students involved in a mock court at Parsippany High School in New Jersey are expected to convict President Bush as war criminal today. While some are calling the exercise a sham ("Liberal teachers influencing young, impressionable minds"), I have to say I'm pleased. Of course, I am a bleeding heart liberal pinko commie bastard to begin with, so I've no doubt my opinion would be grouped in and among those liberal teachers.

While I obviously haven't been able to attend the "court" proceedings myself, I'd say there are good grounds for the conviction. After all, I believe that torturing prisoners of war (not to mention "suspected" non-combatant sympathizers) is still against the Geneva Convention, a document that this administration has done their best to completely ignore.

Meanwhile, the trial of Saddam Hussein continues. I think this one is pretty much a slam dunk, too. This fine gent and his cronies are definitely no strangers to torture and oppression. He just didn't have the backing of the largest military machine on the planet, so he couldn't get away with it.

Seems sometimes we become what we despise, eh George?

Brothers in harms.

All rise for my national anthems:

A Great White Bird - Collection 2
(continuing to produce some of the best DIY electronic around)

A Great White Bird - Collection 3

Nasum - Grind Finale
(the definitive retrospective; 2 discs, 152 tracks; grindcore rules)

Skinny Puppy - Last Rights
(the final gasp of really puppy)

N-Joi - Mindflux
(from the ancient days of techno)


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