Friday, July 28, 2006

The boom, the bip, the boombip

One of the best things about living in New York is that our fair city is chock full of artistic people. A perfect example of this happened to me just yesterday.

I was on my way to Port Authority via A train to meet Susan, as she and I had made plans to go see the David Chihuly exhibits at the New York Botanical Garden that evening (which was great; perhaps more on that later). Since I'd ducked out of work at about 4pm (having arrived at 7 that morning), it was still fairly early, so I'd managed to snare a seat and was kicking back, listening to some MF Doom.

As we pulled into the West 4th Street station, the doors opened, admitting the usual crowd of straphangers and two guys carrying congas. These two gents sat down and one of them launched into his spiel about living in New York, his words accented by a pleasant, beat-poety rhythm. Nothing spectacular, but intriguing.

However, he then picked up the pace of his dialog, riffing on how things in New York moved so quickly. The beat also picked up speed as well as complexity. The first drummer's hands were soon a blur as they shot between his two congas, all the while his partner laying down a steady bass beat. Simply amazing stuff; lightning fast polyrhythms, talking-drum techniques, tight tempo and volume changes. These guys were simply masters of their instruments.

Luckily for me, they were also hawking CDs. When the show was over I didn't hesitate to toss in for one. Turns out that the stuff is also available through CD Baby. It's currently out of stock, but if you can have get a note sent to you when more copies arrive. It is also important to note that I only got to hear two gentlemen performing on the subway. The CD contains recordings of a nine piece drum collective and while the performance I was fortunate enough to catch was incredible, the nine piece recordings are even more so.

So go to CD Baby and have them to send you a copy when they can.

Primal, baby. Primal.

Contains 100% of the USRDA of THUMP:

Meku Yisrael - The Truth
(and that ain't no lie)

Black Sun Empire - Cruel & Unusual
(this one is definitely caught in my craw)

Massive Attack - 100th Window
(Mezzanine v2.0)

Nasum - Grind Finale
(two disc of brain-crushing grindcore)

Proem - Socially Inept
(yes, I am)


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