Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Playing favorites

The mideast peace talks that are currently taking place in Rome have, for the moment, failed. And who's fault is it?


Every nation involved in the negotiations, with the exception of the United States, has called for an immediate cease-fire. However, we've resisted because we're insisting that Hezbollah must first disarm. This would, of course, leave them sitting ducks for the Israeli military. Then again, I suspect this is pretty much what we want. Fact is, I bet we're simply stalling so Israel can continue to pound the hell out of Lebanon. Meanwhile, civilians as well as combatants are getting killed left and right, not to mention that Israel has carried out an "apparently deliberate" bombing of a UN outpost.

We should shut up and let the rest of the world do the right thing. A cease-fire would benefit everyone and we're just getting in the way. Meanwhile, more of the Middle East will look like this.

Drop the doom with:

Nile - In The Beginning
(sound as a method of torture)

Final - 3
(two discs of alien guitar)

Jesu - Silver EP
(Justin does his best Lush impression)

The Redeemer - Hardcore Owes Us Money
(Panacea and DJ Scud want to hurt you)

Ocosi - Hear And Loathing
(primo dark hopness)


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