Tuesday, July 18, 2006

All hail the Black Sun

I love the internet. In fact, I would call myself a web ho. The thought of being away from it for an extended period fills me with a soul-killing, depthless dread.

OK. Perhaps I'm exaggerating, but I have to say that the net is awesome because of the amount of music it exposes me to. One of the great ways to discover new sounds is to download and listen to DJ mixes that you can find scattered about all over the net. One such source is one of my favorite DJs, a New York local named Kris Gale, who records and spins under his Rekall moniker. You can check out his wicked skillz at Actual Music.

Anyway, I was listening to his "Extend" session (200 minutes of prime drum and bass nastiness) and it was so good, I went on a buying spree, picking up a couple of pieces of vinyl that he'd spun in the mix. Now, when I shop at places like Breakbeat Science, I always feel obliged to buy more than one item. So while I was picking up No Turning Back by Calyx, I did some browsing and came across Black Sun Empire. The name, as well as the album covers, intrigued me, so I took a listen.




These guys are just sick. Micha Heyboer, Milan Heyboer and Rene Verdult have got some serious skills. Their beats are not all that unusual; mostly tech step and jungle. Think Dom & Roland, Ed Rush & Optical, and sometimes even ancient breaks like Grooverider. Their mastery of bass, however, is just amazing. Huge rolling lines; miasmic, churning drops and fills. Just so good.

Viscious and lovely.

I snagged two of their releases, both which include a full disc of Black Sun Empire tunes and a companion mix CD incorporating bits from the first disc as well as music by other artists on their label, Black Sun Empire Recordings. It's a tasty bonus that these guys have worked with other dnb heroes of mine, like Noisia, Kemal, and Rawthang.

Quite a treat.

So if you're a fan a wicked evil drum and bass, you owe it to yourself to check out the wonder that is Black Sun Empire. If ya doubtin' me, check out their tracks Bitemark and Hideous. The latter features Noisia and starts off slow, but is guaranteed to peel the paint off the walls by the end.

Rocketing down the information supahiway wid:

Black Sun Empire - Cruel & Unusual
(Black Sun gets it done)

Black Sun Empire - Driving Insane
(get it done with Black Sun)

Calyx - No Turning Back
(more dark ass drum and bass)

Louis Armstrong - Hot Fives And Sevens
(prime Satchmo, 1925-1928)


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hehe i love the Louis Armstrong as an addendum. :-D

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