Monday, July 24, 2006

Faint of heart

In a world-altering bit of news, has let me know that the newly crowned Miss Universe collapsed only a short time after receiving her Tiara Of State (or whatever they call it). Yes, Miss Puerto Rico, Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza, apparently fainted dead away less than an hour after winning this intense competition. The 5' 9", 18-year "was leaning on some assistants when her face fell to her chest, her new tiara atop her head. Tottering on high, spiky heels, she appeared to lean in this fashion for about 10 seconds and then collapsed in the arms of pageant assistants."

Gripping news indeed.

Thank god someone had the presence of mind to rush this important young lady to a hospital, but my diagnosis?

Girl needs to eat.

"I've been full this many times."

Staying super-skinny (so the boys will like me, even though I look like one) with:

Panacea - Underground Superstardom
(heavy on the beats, heavy on the bass)

Eon - Void Dweller
(what's in the basket?)

Black Sun Empire - Cruel & Unusual
(will reduce you to your component molecules)

Blind Willie Johnson - The Complete Blind Willie Johnson
(singin' 'bout god though he still can't see shit)

Enya - Watermark
(go ahead, say something; I will knock you the fuck out ;-)


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