Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Oh happy day

At long last, Kikapu has released the first Breaks The Blank Day EP. I realize that anyone who has been reading this blog for awhile may have already downloaded this, but it does my heart good to know that my tunes are getting a tad more exposure. Hopefully people will like the stuff enough to check out more of it and perhaps from there my other projects (Abstract Audio Systems, Bonechurch, and Puzleboy). One never knows.

Gateway to a world of music.

In other news, I am wounded. Boopo was sitting in my front window last night, enjoying the sultry evening breezes when suddenly, I heard a colossal barking. Boopo began to howl and beat at the window. Some stupid dog owner was walking her beast OFF THE LEASH on my block and the idiot creature saw fit to go after my cat. Fortunately, it was unable to get in and Boopo couldn't get out. I, however, leapt to my feet and banged on the window to get the dog to scram. I missed the frame and hit the pane, breaking it, much to the surprise of the dog's owner, who had finally come over to restraint her bastardly canine. I have a slight cut on my hand, but otherwise I'm OK. So is the Boop. Thank goodness for the latter, otherwise there'da been blood in the streets, baby.

If you have a dog, keep it on a fucking leash. Or do the intelligent thing and get a cat.

Smacking my bitch up with:

Breaks The Blank Day - Breaks The Blank Day
(chapter one in the continuing saga)

Godflesh - Songs Of Love And Hate
(bring the head crush)

Various - Doctor Demento Discs 1&2
(just recently transferred from cassette; oh the shitty sound quality)

Dido - No Angel
(a gift from a pretty lady ;-)

Various - Jesus Christ Superstar
(the original Broadway cast; proof that Jesus was actually in Deep Purple)


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