Monday, September 11, 2006

Scuba dooby doo

What a lovely weekend.

Susan and I trekked out to Dutch Springs for her check out dives. Dutch is a water-filled quarry in Allentown, PA that specializes in scuba education. Tons of neat stuff has been sunk beneath the surface of the place: a school bus, several small planes, and a van or two, along with a helicopter suspended at about 40 feet. Additionally, they have platforms hanging at about 25 feet down where beginning divers can practice their skills, take tests, etc.

As a student, Susan was required to do four dives; two on Saturday, two on Sunday. During each dive, she had to prove her mastery of certain skills. I myself got to tag along for moral support, as well as being there to toss in any extra help the instructor might need.

My lady, of course, passed with flying colors.

So I am now dating a certified Scuba Diver. While she is still only a PADI Open Water Diver, I suspect she'll be Advanced Open Water (like me) before you know it. She got bit by the bug so badly that we actually went for a dive on our own a mere hour or two after she finished her last check out dive.

Fun stuff.

There will soon be another person in this picture.

In going over my own log book, I realized I've actually been under water for over an entire day (somewhere in the neighborhood of 29 hours, in fact). This is, admittedly, small potatoes to many divers, but I haven't been at it very long, so I'm still proud. Then again, Susan's instructor told me about the guy who'd taught her, a gentleman who has something like seven months bottom time.


So it was a very exciting (yet intensely relaxing) weekend, soured only slightly by the troubles we had getting home Sunday night, thanks to Fearless Leader's visit. Since we had to take the Brooklyn Bridge to get home, we had no choice but to snake our way through lower Manhattan, in the vicinity of Ground Zero. Dumbya was, of course, already in residence last night, so traffic was pretty much fucked. Then again, George has done so much to piss on the memory of those who died on 9/11, it only made sense that he would extend the same courtesy to the rest of us.

Go home, George. We don't want you here.

Further abstractions:

Various - DJ Abstract 2: Drum And Beats Mix
(from my primitive beginnings)

Various - DJ Abstract 6: Nineties Junkie Mix
(tech, ya know?)

Various - DJ Abstract 8: Black Eye Mix
(drum and bass cut with breakcore, like an LSD laced blunt)

Various - DJ Abstract 11: The Headcrush Party
(controlled demolition via audio)

Various - DJ Abstract 14: The Grit Mix
(more moves on the wheels of steel)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey congrats to your girlFriend. Scuba is so cool. It sounds like you guys have a pretty good fresh-water spot out there to dive in. Is the Visibilty good?

I'll be checking back on your blog, if you get the chance, post some pictures of the location. It'd be interesting to see what the surface of the scuba diving location is like.

~The Scuba Skipper

11:23 AM  

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