Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The wages of sin

I've only been peripherally following the Mark Foley scandal because, honestly, I'm not surprised. It's just another example of the typical hypocrisy of most politicians, particularly conservatives. However, I did stumble across this interesting piece of history in an article written by CNN's Jeff Greenfield.

In 1983, the House Ethics Committee revealed that two House members had been sexually involved with pages: liberal Massachusetts Democrat Gerry Studds and conservative Illinois Republican Daniel Crane. Crane was involved with a female, Studds a male; both pages were over the legal age of consent. Both Studds and Crane were censured by the House, but their responses -- and their political fates -- were very different.

Crane was repentant; tearfully apologized to his wife and family, asked for forgiveness.

As the rules require, he stood in the well of the House to receive his censure and faced his colleagues.

By contrast, Studds was unrepentant. He said the relationship was legal and consensual, talked about the difficulties of being a gay man in America, and when the House censured him, he turned his back on his colleagues, as if to reject their censure.

The next year, Crane, who had been an outspoken advocate of "family values," was soundly defeated by voters in his conservative district. Studds was re-elected handily, and served in the House for more than a dozen years, until his retirement.
This perfectly illustrates my point. Crane's hypocrisy cost him his career (rightfully so). Studds, conversely, committed what amounts only to a sin of omission and then stood by his convictions when his homosexuality was brought to light. I suppose that some would say that Studds should have proclaimed that he was gay before coming under investigation, but, in truth, how was his sexual orientation relevant to his career as a politician?

It is one thing to keep aspects of one's personal life to oneself. It is another thing entirely to aggressively campaign on an ideal, be it child pornography or "family values" (the latter expression being almost as revolting to me as the former industry), all the while pursuing a lifestyle contrary to that ideal. I'm not saying that he indulged in kiddie porn, but there's no denying that Foley, who is in his 50s, looks like an old letch sending teenage pages kinky emails. I mean, those boys have grass on the field (if you get my meaning), but it's still mad creepy.

I'm not saying people should be running about wearing

but they certainly should not be wearing

Making adult porn with:

Various - DJ Abstract 8: Black Eye Mix
(cure for what ails ya)

Various - DJ Abstract 9: The Gossamer Mix
(cause I'm a modest, mellow fellow)

Various - DJ Abstract 15: The Slipstream Mix
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John Coltrane - Lush Life
(comfy sex music)

Tom Waits - Bad News Out Of A Pretty Mouth
(can't wait for the new 3 disc set!)


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