Friday, December 15, 2006

Get over it

Apparently some religious groups are now up in arms over "Black Christmas", a remake of a fairly classic slasher flick first released in 1974.

From CNN:

"To have a movie that emphasizes murder and mayhem at Christmas, a time of celebration and joy around the world seems to be ill founded," said Mathew Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, an organization dedicated to upholding religious freedom and traditional family values.

Jennifer Giroux, who co-founded Operation Just Say Merry Christmas as a way to reclaim the season for Christians, said it was abominable to release this film on Christmas Day.

"The use of religious music -- 'Silent Night' -- and the nativity set on the front porch in one scene are insensitive to Christians," Giroux said after watching the trailer online.

"It's not enough to ignore and omit Christmas, but now it has to be offended, insulted and desecrated. Our most sacred holiday, actually a holy day, is being assaulted."

You've got to be fucking kidding.

How can you even begin to think that this is even remotely "anti-Christian"? It would be one thing if the killer branded his victims with an inverted cross, pissed on the bible, or actually thought for himself (sorry about that last one; it was uncalled for), but if the remake is anything like the original, the plot is entirely too concerned with a maniac chasing semi-naked girls (like any high quality slasher flick) to make any sniping statements about Christianity (or anything else for that matter). I find it pretty pathetic that anyone could be that upset by this for strictly religious reasons.

Don't like gore? Don't watch the film.
Don't like semi-naked chicks? Don't watch the film.
Think that the film has anything to do with relgion or spirituality or is even attempting to have anything to say about these things? Take another valium.

Fact is, these geniuses probably don't even realize that December 25 as a birthdate for Jesus is merely traditional. Hardly ANYONE thinks this is his actual date of birth. Besides, Christmas became a predominantly secular holiday ages ago, not to mention the fact that the Christians stole it from the pagans in the first place ("Natalis Solis Invicti" anyone?); another example of holiday theft (Halloween, etc).

Anyway, I'm ranting but I don't care. These people are stupid and it ticks me off. With all the important things to get upset about (war, disease, the Red Sox signing Matsuzaka), the idea of wasting steam on a B-grade horror movie is ludicrous.

Then again, it seems this has pissed me off, so what am I talking about?

Hiding in my stocking:

Various - Shadow Vs. Krush
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Various - Neh/Not Unlike MP3 Compilation
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Various - Chill Out!
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Various - Proto Tracks 1-3
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Monday, December 04, 2006

Bye bye Bolton

It gave me great joy to hear that John Bolton will be stepping down as U.N. Ambassador once his recess appointment ends. Yep. Dumbya tried to pull a fast one, but the Senate Foreign Relations Committee had the common sense to say, "Hey. No way." The fact that George thought this obstreperous individual would be an ideal representative of this country's foreign policy says quite a bit about... our foreign policy. Why not appoint an uncooperative bully to be the face of an apparently uncooperative, bullying nation? After all, we've alienated many of our allies (heck, seems even Tony Blair is beginning to falter) and added to our already extensive list of enemies, so why not let another bull into the china shop? Thank goodness cooler (and more rational and slightly less nationalistic) heads prevailed.

"Damn. I was really looking forward to breakin' stuff."

Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good:

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The Cure - Join The Dots
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