Wednesday, December 03, 2008

My ears overfloweth

Two luscious chunks of Abstract-related audio for today's charter:

Firstly, I've been following a great mix site called SubNav. It's moderated, so you have to submit your mixes for approval and they decide if it gets posted or not. Anyway, I threw caution to the wind a couple weeks back and sent them a couple of my mixes. Lo and behold, they just posted my Ashes And Dust Mix. For those of you who missed it (or want to check out the nifty artwork SubNav threw together for it), check it out. Pretty cool to feel appreciated.

Secondly, another mix has fallen out of the sky and hit me in the head violently.

I may have to apologies for this one in advance. After doing Soft And Broken, I was really in the mood to do something HEAVY. I'd been kicking around a couple of tunes that were pretty klangie and loud and sent myself a couple of emails (subject line: "Hard Mix"; how's that for creative?) with an ever growing list of tracks. Once I'd gotten enough together, I started to work.

"Kur" is just plain nasty, a harder track by Heinrich At Hart off the Position Chrome label. Huge, pitch shifted breakbeats, etc. Just how I wanted it to sound. Mobthrow's "Deathstep" continued the heavy feel and added some dubstep feel to the mix. This logically lead into "Painkillers" by Ebola (more squelchy bass and twisted beats).

Then things started to go off the rails.

I hadn't mucked about with the Blacklands track "Solvay Bliss" in a LONG time; last time I spun it was probably in 2005. Still, it seemed to fit. Kinda. And then the weirdness just built up. "Stalingrad" is completely epic and dark and possibly my favorite track off Blackfilm's debut album. But then TA came back with the bass and then Ice smothered everything.

Blah blah blah.

Suffice to say what started as an attempt at 70 minutes or so of headcrushing music ended up (as usual) all over the place. Parts of this mix are really nasty, while other parts are headnoddy, isolationist, etc. Bit of a mishmash, but I like it.

Hopefully you won't all hate it. I don't want to get voted off the island.

So hang on.

Ground To Dust
01 Heinrich At Hart - Kur
02 Mobthrow - Deathstep
03 Ebola - Painkillers
04 Blacklands - Solvay Bliss
05 Blackfilm - Stalingrad
06 Techno Animal - Bass Concussion
07 Ice - X-1
08 The Dustmite - Assassin Of Memories Track 12
09 The Unknown Ghosts - City Of Ghosts
10 Scorn - Flick
11 Alec Empire - City Of Lights
12 Hive - Vaya Con Dios (A Suspended Remix)
13 Witchman - Palace Of Angels

You can click here to take a listen and, by all means, head on over to my website to find more tasty ear candy.

Feeling the fists of love with:

Various - Ground To Dust
(flatten your cranium in one quick and easy session)

Various - Lee Perry: I Am The Upsetter
(4 discs of premium Scratch)

The Dustmite - Assassins Of Memories
(deep dark hop)

Nitzer Ebb - That Total Age
(because I wish to join in the chant)

A Great White Bird - Adventures In Ornithology
(continuously mixed by your's truly)


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