Saturday, December 06, 2008

Hackers Suck

So I've been seeing a considerable increase in traffic to the Machine Tribe Recordings website, but only one order has been placed. At first I thought it was a) that my music was crappy (tho I assumed folks liked it if they were coming there) or b) the site was ugly or too hard to use. I decided to start a redesign. During the course of downloading my existing files, my virus detector kicked off. Turns out SOME ASSHOLE HACKED MY SITE. All of the people who tried to place orders were being sent to some random Japanese website.

I am going to find this person and kill them.

Anyway, it's been fixed. So if you went to the site and had a problem, please go back. Pretty please. I'll waive shipping (as usual) and toss in a free sampler as well.

Son of a bitch.


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illegitimi non carborundum

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