Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Download the downlow

After dabbling with some more alt-rock mixes (to my thorough enjoyment), I found myself yearning to revisit the dusty beats and gritty bass of the downtempo styles that I do so adore. So may I present DJ Abstract 24: Ashes And Dust Mix. A couple of classics here, mixed in with some lovely oddities that I've managed to scrape together from the outer fringes of the universe. Lots of bedroom producer, music-for-the-hell-of-it stuff. Crunchy, headnoddy, and hypnotic. Just the way I likes it.

01 DJ Inzi - Jazz For Wind
02 Blackfilm - Sonar
03 Slowing - Ming
04 The Herbaliser - Scratchy Noise
05 Supreme Beings Of Leisure - What's The Deal
06 Harmonic 33 - Underwater Lady
07 Cibo Matto - Sugar Water
08 Massive Attack - Teardrop
09 Boards Of Canada - Orange Hexagon Sun
10 Justice - Faith & Reason
11 Blaktronics - Raindrops (Move D Rmx)
12 Neutrino - I Think Both Understood
13 Aphilas - Collective Memory Loss
14 Slant - Theme From Slant
15 Subtle - Eneby Kurs
16 Scm - Chant

If you wanna check it out now, click here to listen. Either that or you can head on over to the DJ Abstract website and have a listen to a bunch o' my mixes. Spread the love, baby!

Further down the spiral:

Various - DJ Abstract 24: Ashes And Dust Mix
(low impact neck muscle workout)

Abacinate - Ruination
(scoop out your insides)

Amon Tobin - Supermodified
(and super bad)

Various - Universal Religion 2008
(AVB throws down the trance)

Solvent - Demonstration Tape (1997-2007)
(pretty pretty bloop bloop bleep)