Friday, February 09, 2007

Silver screenin'

As I'm a dedicated movie junkie, I am, of course, a devoted follower of Theater Hopper, a great webcomic created by a guy who's even more of a movie buff than me (or even Danny?!?!). Anyway, his latest comments mentioned "Hannibal Rising", "Ghost Rider", and "Norbit", so I had to throw in my two cents.

"Hannibal Rising"? I'd rather eat broken glass (with a nice Chianti...). From what I've seen of the previews, it puts aside all of the brilliant psychological aspects of "Silence Of The Lambs" and just goes with the psycho aspects: gore, gore, and then some gore.

If I want that, I'll rent a Fulci flick, thanks.

As for "Ghost Rider", I'll end up seeing it one way (big screen) or another (little screen). I'm too much of a Nick Cage fan to skip it (heck, I own "Kiss Of Death"), not to mention a comic mark as well. Yes, the effects look shockingly cheesy, but in a way, that adds to the comic-y feel of the thing. Add to that Pete Fonda, Donal "I'm gonna be a naughty vampire god" Logue, and SAM ELLIOTT? Sure, it will probably suck, but it sure will be fun while it's doing it.

(PS. Is it just me or does Fonda put in an incredible Lance Henriksen impression during the trailer?)

"Norbit"... pass. Murphy lost me a long time ago. I love his early stand up ("Raw" still has me in tears every time) and I thought he was great as Axel F. To some, it's blasphemy, but I think "Harlem Nights" is a classic. However, I started losing interest around the release of "Nutty Professor". After all, one can't expect to remake a Jerry Lewis movie without adverse side effects.

Still, I'm sure the movie will rake it a fair amount of bank. He's still got the star power to ensure at least moderate success for any project he hitches his particular trailer to. Haven't seen "Dream Girls" yet, but it appears he does garner a bit of forgiveness and redemption for it.

In all, I think 2007 is going to be a bit of a slow roller at first. However, once summer hits, who knows?

Soundtracks for the deaf:

Main$tream - Truck Drivin Muzak
(noise boyz)

Litmus001 - Bliss
(snooze boyz)

Lard - Power Of Lard
(Jello loves Al and Al loves Jello; it's a beautiful thing)

Madeleine Peyroux - Dreamland
(one part Billie, one part KD, add some Patsy, shake well)

Lackluster - Distance
(yet another mellow fellow)


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