Monday, May 14, 2007

Out the other side

At last a break.


After two solid weeks of being completely buried, I have emerged almost unscathed. Imagine my joy when I found myself not having to work over the weekend!

In fact, Susan and I had a wonderful Saturday together. First we toured the old City Hall subway station, closed in 1945. It was not quite as spectacular as it was billed, but it was still worth the trip. The ceiling work was particularly impressive, though the entire station was filthy.

I think with a good cleaning the space would be perfect for wine tastings, small concerts, and other such events. Then again, you'd have to schedule things around the trains which come rumbling through every couple of minutes...

We nipped home after the tour for quick bite before heading out again to see a Miles Davis tribute put on by Jazz at Lincoln Center. Two separate bands performed, each covering a separate phase of Miles' music. The first set featured tunes from 1960-1967 and was spectacular. The band did a fantastic rendition of "Round Midnight" as well as some of my other favorites; really great.

The second set, however, was extremely disappointing. I've never been a big fan of jazz fusion, but I got served a big steaming pile of it for the second set. Awful wank. Funk guitar just does not sound right to my ears when mixed with jazz trumpet and sax. Add to that saccharine synth sweeps and limp proto-hiphop rhythms and you've got a recipe for ick.

At least in my opinion.

Susan was quite insistent on pointing out that the rest of the audience seemed to enjoy the music and she was correct. Lots of folks around us were calling for more after the band finished and more that a few people actually gave the musicians a standing O. However, the gentleman sitting next to me who, like me, was madly tapping his foot throughout the entire first set, was noticeably tapless during the second set, so I don't think I was the only disappointed patron. Either way, the second half of the concert was a letdown, but the first set more than made up for it.

Miles says, "Piss on you, Ben. You don't know shit."

It felt really good to be out from under the weight of work for a bit. Things should continue to be sane at least for a bit, I believe. Perhaps I can start seeing folks who I haven't seen for weeks!

Plowing through my head:

Coldworker - The Contaminated Void
(from the ashes of Nasum rises a new grindcore power)

Area - The Perfect Dream
(finally tracked down their other albums; god bless you,

Various - Spintrax 22
(house house house)

Various - Reduced Phat 2%
(Enduser, Subsektor and Edgey crush you like a little bitch)

Various - DJ Gristletwich: The Doppleganger Mix
(that's just nasty)


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