Wednesday, March 02, 2005

"Food stamps and free cheese

Can't beat a cure for a sick disease."
- Paris

Oh yes. What a terribly overlooked figure in hiphop.

I'm listening to The Devil Made Me Do It right now. I'd almost forgotten how good it is. And so 1990. Yes, 1990; back when hiphop had something to say. It's albums like this one that make you realize just how lame "bling rap" is. This is an MC whose lyrics and production simply crush most of the chumps in the rap game today. No time wasted on how much money he's got, how many bitches he's pulled, or what how many rivals he's shot. Pro black with brains.

Oh man. Just kicked into "Mellow Madness". The chorus is based on a Sade hook. So good.

Anyway, back to the lameness of current hiphop. I know that there is good stuff out there, but it seems like mainstream hiphop culture has just gone to shit. Apparently somebody in The Game's posse shot somebody in Fifty Cent's crew this morning. Dumb, dumb shit.

Biggie and 2Pac.

Hell, they even killed JMJ. WTF?

It's my hope that some form of conscious rap will come to the forefront of hiphop again. Where's PE? Where's BDP? Hell, I'd even settle for battle raps like Rakim and MC Shan again. Put down the gat and pick up the mic again.

From "Wretched": "Mindless music for the masses makes you think less of the one that hates ya."

2 eggs, a cup of flour and:

Paris - The Devil Made Me Do It
(an important piece of hiphop history)

The Acacia Strain - 3750
(roaring punk metal eating little emo-bitches for breakfast)

Prime Minister Pete Nice & Daddy Rich - Dust To Dust
(Pete Nice's one and only post-3rd Bass album; pity. I miss those guys too)

The Bug - Pressure
(stripped down, twisted, doublefucked dancehall from Kevin Martin)

Various Artists - Full Cold Moon Discs 1-3
(three disc tribute to Coil's Jhonn Balance - R.I.P.)


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