Thursday, April 21, 2005

Treat your ears to dinner at my place

I'm just tickled to announce that my latest CD, the self-titled freshman release from my breaks the blank day project, is now availabe through Worthy Records. You can snag a copy for a paltry $5 CANADIAN (that's about $4 US), so don't be cheap. Go buy one. Right now. BTW, big thanks to Anne Sulikowski (Worthy's Commandatore) for her continued support and interest. This is the first CD of mine to be distributed by anyone besides Machine Tribe Recordings (my own little label), so I'm awfully excited.

In other news, I'll be spinning the upstairs lounge at this Saturday's Contempt. Expect lots of downtempo, glitch, and other mellowness. I'll be required to toss in some more mainstream stuff now and again to keep the walk-ins off the street happy, but for the most part I'll be doing my own thing. Contempt can be found at Remote (327 Bowery, between 2nd and 3rd) and runs from 10:30pm to 4:00am. It's $5 to get in if you print out a flyer. Tell 'em DJ Abstract sent ya.

Several people have also expressed interest in getting playlists from my sets (as I keep them religiousy), so I've started working on page were folks can get a look at both my playlists and my CD library in general. Won't that just be the bomb?

Take brain, immerse. Rinse. Repeat:

David Kristian - Beneath The Valley Of The Modulars
(sounds like Autechre's kissing cousin)

Autechre - Amber
(glitch and broken beat travels in packs today)

Deru - Pushing Air
(again, headnodding seems to be today's priority)

Tom Waits - Alice
(the gravel-voiced one continues to astound and amaze)

Peter Gabriel - Shaking The Tree
(some of PG's best, including a heartrending acoustic version of "Here Comes The Flood")


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