Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Watching the defectives

I'm sure it will come as no surprise to anyone who's even glanced at my blog that I'm not a fan of Tom DeLay. He is to me the essence of the holier-than-thou, right wing hypocrite. Of course, he's just added fuel to the fire with his latest comment about stem cell research.

"An embryo is a person."


The House has just passed a bill that will increase the scope of stem cell research by enabling scientists to use embryos donated by couples during fertility treatments and subsequently not used. These embryos (or "people" as DeLame would have you believe) are usually thrown out if they're not used.

Wouldn't it make sense to use the stem cells from these embryos to help research cures for actual people? It flies in the face of reason that those suffering from horrible diseases like cancer, MS, Parkinsons, etc. are somehow less important than an undeveloped embryo. Once again, conservative, pigheaded moralism ignores the practical nature of the world. They prattle on about using adult stem cells (which are nowhere near as useful as embryonic stem cells) and continued research on existing lines, which at this point are corrupted and useless.

Dumbya has threatened to veto the bill, but it appears he may not have the support in Congress to do so. Let's hope that remains true. I'm of the opinion that research into eliminating life threatening diseases should take priority over "people" who will most likely end up in a trash can anyway.

Brutal but honest.

Mr. DeLame would not enjoy:

Front 242 - Front By Front
(vintage synth industrial; great despite the presence of "Headhunter")

DJ Olive - Bodega
(downtempo that still pumps the funk)

3rd Bass - Derelicts Of Dialect
(beat downs, 40 dogs and the Brooklyn queens)

Aphex Twin - Come To Daddy
("Stop making that big face!")

Scorn - Logghi Barogghi
(skeletal structures wrapped 'round bottomless bass)


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