Saturday, May 21, 2005

Progress in the Lone Star State

Seems Texas is thinking about adopting a life without parole option in its courts. At present, jurors in our most bloodthirsty state (344 executions in the last 20 years; 8 in just the last 5 months) have only two sentencing options in murder cases: life with the eligibility for parole in 40 years or a death sentence. Seems more levelheaded pols have been trying to pass this measure for quite some time. However, given the long tradition of try 'em and fry 'em in the Lone Star State, it's been an uphill battle. Here's hoping that the legislators see the sense in this move and pass the bill. It would be a really important step in ending state sponsored murders in this country. Perhaps we could then join the rest of the civilized world who put an end to the death penalty ages ago.

For my last meal, I'd like to have:

Cannibal Corpse - Eaten Back To Life
(with tracks like "A Skull Full Of Maggots" it has to be good)

DJ Spooky - Drums Of Death
(that subliminal kid teams up with Dave from Slayer and pounds it down)

DJ Throttler - MP3 Compilation 1
(shaking the walls with the hover bass from hell)

Coldplay - Parachutes
(great tunes; too bad the lyrics suck)

Peggy Lee - Mink Jazz
(specially designed for late nights in cozy places)


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