Thursday, May 19, 2005

Brain enema

I awoke this morning feeling slightly out of sorts. I’d had a rough night of weird dreams and lots of waking up. No fun. My mind seems somewhat preoccupied, but I can’t tell for the life of me with what. Things outside of work are going great. Work sucks, but I’m getting paid. I’m still single and that isn’t great, but it’s not exactly arduous. In short, I’ve no idea why I’m feeling so odd. Luckily, experience has taught me that there’s a particular effective way to deal with a mood like this.


For those of you still uninitiated in the glorious world of gabber (also know as gabba), it’s a style of hardcore techno. Some would say the hardest form of hardcore techno. We’re talking speeds in excess of 200 BPM, vicious vocal samples, wickedly distorted beats, and simply head crushing bass.

In all, the cure for what ails ya.

From AMG:
Most popular in the Netherlands and Scotland, gabba is the hardest form of hardcore techno, frequently exceeding speeds of over 200 BPM. Popular DJs and producers like Paul Elstak and the Mover categorized gabba's early evolution from German trance and British rave. By the mid-'90s, the music had acquired some rather unsavory connotations with neo-fascism and the skinhead movement, though much of the scene was free from it. Surprisingly, gabba made a rather successful attempt at the Dutch pop charts, with Elstak producing several hits. Many producers and fans proclaimed him a sell-out, and soon there appeared a divide in the scene between the hardcore and the really hardcore.

Anyway, my earphones are rumblin’ right now and it is effectively scouring away my weird mood. Already I’m smiling and wanna pogo like a son of a bitch!

These ideas have been growing in my head for some time:

Disciples Of Annihilation - New York City Speedcore
(got noisy neighbors? flatten their house with this)

Fever - Too Bad But True
(twisted distorto-hop from two crazy German dudes; DHR, baby)

DJ? Acucrack - Sorted
(breakbeats and junglism in a convenient single serving pouch)

The Cure - Japanese Whispers
(jangley synthpop from the guys who brought you… Pornography?)

Louis Armstrong - Louis Armstrong And King Oliver
(vintage Satchmo, circa 1923-1924)


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