Monday, May 16, 2005

Putting our foot in it

Seems US interrogators have allegedly desecrated copies of the koran. Well done, fellas. Seems to me the last thing we need to do is piss off the Arab world a little bit more. Muslim clerics are apparently calling for yet another jihad if the US military doesn’t turn over the supposed offenders for Islamic justice. The fact that desecration of the koran is punishable by death under Islamic law may give our Prez a bit of pause. It’s one thing to kill our own citizens in the name of justice and kill our enemies in the name of war, but another completely to allow our citizens to be killed in the name of SOMEONE ELSE’S law.

Ah, the hypocrisy.

Even if the desecration occurred, though, I still have to shake my head in disbelief; yet another instance of people getting riled up over a BOOK. Muslims get crazy over the koran the same way Christians get crazy over the bible and Jews get crazy over the torah. All this religious fervor for what is, in the end, the work of man. God doesn’t live in those pages. To quote KRS-ONE, "Stop reading from a dead book for a live God."

Sure, these books contain the tenets of these peoples’ faiths, but surely that doesn’t imbue those pages with some spiritual value. These volumes are simply road maps. It is the journey that counts. Lose a map (or have it flushed down the john)? Buy another one.

Then again, I'm just a heathen.

Reading from the following chapters and verses today:

The Clash - Combat Rock
(catch that even atom tan)

Kool Keith - Black Elvis/Lost In Space
(there’s a reason the man used to live in Bellevue, nawmean?)

Madvillain - Madvillainy
(Madlib and MF Doom fuckin’ ya head up)

Various - Dirty Loop Volumes 1-3
(alt-hiphop from the crumbly edges of culture)


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