Monday, August 29, 2005

Aching bones and happy ears

Perhaps I’m just beginning to show my age, but I find it more and more difficult to recover from late night outings. I’m not talking about the side effects of heavy drinking (as I’ve been pretty good about that lately), but rather the toll my insane dancing, coupled with general lack of sleep, takes upon my body. Thankfully, my mind remains happy even when my legs are writhing in pain.

I bring this up because of my latest BDB outing (that would be Bianca, Derek, and Ben). We went to Tonic to check out Monolake and a bunch of other German-influenced, minimal techno acts. A friend of Bianca’s, who goes by the name of End, was also performing. His set was a lot of fun, as he melds spy movie type sounds with breakbeat. Kind of like Propellerheads, but more broken and bizarre. My dancing fits began with him and I was soaked to the skin (as usual) within a couple of minutes. One of the other highlights of the evening was DJ Olive, who was spinning amazing downtempo and breakbeat. I really got lost in headnod mode.

There were several other DJs and acts whose names I didn’t catch, but all of the music was very similar. Simple four-on-the-floor beats with simple melodies. Music geared completely for dancing. In other words, the type of music that makes many people hate techno: no words, nothing to say, just there to make you move.

Monolake hit the stage at about 3 in the morning and proceeded to throw down some gut-rumbling basslines and wickedly distorted beats, all underlined by throbbing drums. I made several attempts at more dancing and managed for the most part but for the pain my ankles were in. One problem, however, was that the place was packed. Tonic is a great venue, but most people weren’t dancing and were simply milling around and getting in the way of those of us who were. But on the whole, I managed to shake my money maker as best I could.

Our Heroic Trio then proceeded to the local creperie for some early morning sustenance. It was yummy. I finally got home about 5am and crashed like a son of a bitch.

A fun night. A great show. Fantastic company. Happy weekend.

Echoing in my heart:

Jimmy Behan - Days Are What We Live In
(where ground is soft most often grows - arise arise arouse a rose)

Various - The Dirtchamber Sessions, Volume One
(the Prodigy displays his considerable mix skilz)

Kraftwerk - Radio-Activity
(1975; the originators, not the imitators)

Johnny Cash - American IV: The Man Comes Around
(great takes that often outdo the originals)

Koordinate Of Wonders - Koordinate Of Wonders
(icy surgical warm front)

>1 day nadasaucia


Anonymous b. anca said...

yay i'm so glad you had fun! isn't enduser this week too?

also i think i did the drinking for both of us last night!

"what did the 5 fingers say to the face?"


9:04 PM  

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