Tuesday, August 23, 2005


OK. Seems to me that Pat Robertson, a man who'd like us all to believe that he is down with The Big Guy In The Sky, would know better than to call for the assassination of another human being.

What would Jesus do, Pat?

Sure, this Hugo Chavez guy seems a little bent in the head, but what's a little paranoia between South American dictators? I just can't see Venezuela as a credible threat. Sure, they own our asses oil-wise (then again, show me a nation of crazy people that doesn’t these days), but Pat would have you believe that they're "exporting Communism and Islamic extremism across the Americas". However, a careful examination of that idea immediately reveals a bit of the ridiculous, don’t you think?

Communism AND Islamic extremism?

You mean "Communism", that tacitly ATHEIST political ideology that encourages people to lay aside their individuality for the sake of the whole; and "Islamic extremism", a movement drenched in RELIGIOUS fanaticism that encourages people to lay aside their lives for the glory of Allah?

Come on, Pat. These are not two tastes that taste great together. One could hardly believe that the SAME country was extolling the virtues of BOTH ideas.

Then again, Robertson is hardly a brain-trust candidate and he doesn’t exactly have a pacifist track record when it comes to folks he’s not fond of, what with calling on his faithful followers to pray for the death of Supreme Court judges and such. You’d think that someone who is supposedly deeply devoted to the teachings of Jesus Christ would be a nicer guy.

It’s unfortunate that this man continues to have a bully pulpit from which he can continue to spew his stilted opinions on everything. Nothing like encouraging more hate in a world that’s already full of it (although I’m guilty of this myself, it appears...).

I’d love to see what happens when Mr. Robertson reaches his just reward. In my heart of hearts, I’d hope for something like this: he’s wandering around in the fog outside the Pearly Gates and feels a tap on his shoulder. It’s St. Peter, who is heard to utter, "Umm... Pat. We gotta talk..."

Playing on my cloud in Heaven:

Abstract Audio Systems - The Ivory EP
(currently listening to two different master takes and will decide which one is juicier)

June Christy - Something Cool
(lovely Peggy Lee-esqueness from the 1950s)

Lords Of Acid - Voodoo-U
(they have the power to bewitch)

Julee Cruise - Floating Into The Night
(a night of smoky bars and broken hearts)


Anonymous b. anca said...

check out this cd

the name of the album

wowie zowie.


pat robertson

he acually wrote a really good book about the apocolypse. really good. and i read it at the tender age of 10!

thanks grand-ma for letting me know about the end of the world and stuff!!!

10:54 PM  
Blogger Ben said...

Nothing like a little fear inspired by ancient relatives.

8:52 AM  

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