Monday, August 22, 2005

Held in Contempt

Another Contempt has come and gone. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, as I got to flex my DJ muscles a bit more than usual. I made several tours through several styles of music, including a 45-minute set of 80s music, which is always fun. Tossed in some dub, glitch, and general downtempo tuneage as well. Excellent.

I especially enjoyed the evening because I got to chat with one of the new bartenders at Remote. Really cool woman. Very much into music (perhaps the first person I've ever met that has mentioned, without prompting, that they love dub) and a bedroom musician, same as me. I didn't do much dancing (my Saturday morning spin classes really kicked my butt this week), but spent most of my off time talking with the bartender. Got her phone number and plan on giving her a call today in hopes we can get together and talk/trade music.

Mom had invited herself up for the weekend so I had to pass on some stuff, but that was OK. I think we had a good time. She's been pretty bummed out, what with having to take care of Skip, balance her job, etc., etc. Frustration plantation indeed. I hope her visit picked up her spirits a little, although I was kind of zombiesque on Sunday (these 4am spinning gigs can be killer).

Well, that's today's state of affairs. Was just in the mood to ramble today.

Cruising through the day with the following:

Underworld - Second Toughest In The Infants
(epic techno done to perfection)

Yaz - Upstairs At Eric's
(an all time classic)

Aarktika - No Solace In Sleep
(huge, shuddering spaces filled with mist and melancholy)

Moby - Play
(the Bald One goes sampledelic)

Ministry - The Land Of Rape And Honey
(helping separate heads from bodies for almost 20 years)

>1 day nada saucia


Anonymous b. anca said...

i left cause i got "sick"

11:28 AM  
Blogger Ben said...

Hope you're feeling betta

12:37 PM  

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