Monday, October 17, 2005

Cosmic bliss out

There are times in life when one is so busy doing other things that one becomes increasingly separated from one's true loves. Case in point, me. I've been so busy throwing together spin mixes, breakcore/dnb demos, death metal comps, and generally insane, uptempo stuff that I momentarily lost track of what I believe to be my true calling.

Spinning downtempo.

However, Derek's comment regarding my last post got me thinking...

"I need to do another downtempo mix."

And lo, Saturday was spent putting together DJ Abstract 9: The Gossamer Mix. I shied away from my typical downtempo tasties and went the glitch round this time around.

Here's the track listing:

01 Breaks The Blank Day - Far And Away
02 Neh - Shakeywakeybass
03 Jenglander - Mums Snow Day
04 Neh - Benny R
05 Winterstrand - Hat Das Land
06 Dub Jay - Sixty Red
07 Resilter - Mode-2
08 Marshall Watson - I Could Tell You Everything
09 Kosik - Dust
10 Deru - Echos Of Me
11 A Great White Bird - Floating In Blue And Yellow Water
12 Red Lines - Fear Of Human Contact
13 You Are Not Audio - Untitled 2
14 Ten And Tracer - Fifth Lake And Screams (Original)

This mix leans heavily on stuff from Kikapu, as nearly half the tunes come from this amazing internet label. Everyone should check out their site and snag everything. Great stuff.

This is also the first time I've used one of my own tracks in a mix. The opener is from my Breaks The Blank Day project. It just seemed to fit my mood at the time. If you'd like to pick up the full Breaks The Blank Day CD, you can snag a copy from Worthy Records. It'll put you back $5 Canadian (about $4 US), so no biggie. However, you'll have to mail Worthy the moola. Inconvenient, I know, but them's the Breaks (heh heh).

Also, if anybody would like a copy of The Gossamer Mix for themselves, please let me know.

Hauling down the expressway to my skull:

Various - DJ Abstract 9: The Gossamer Mix
(yeah, I already talked about it)

Godflesh - Godflesh
(when it's time to not be nice)

Main$tream - Truck Drivin Muzak
(hardcore breakcore deathcore)

Blacklands - MP3 Compilation
(expose the darkness of the human soul)

David Kristian - Beneath The Valley Of The Modulators
(more diverse electronics)


Blogger ocular spectra said...

the master returns to his true calling!

2:32 PM  
Anonymous marshall watson said...

give me a shout...i'm in brooklyn.

9:57 AM  

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