Monday, December 05, 2005

Screaming for vengeance

My gig at Lucky 13 was a success. I spun from about 10pm until about 4:30am. If you want to check out the playlist, wander over to my website and select "Lucky 13 12/03/2005" from the Playlist dropdown. Many, many tracks.

I have to say that while it was a lot of fun, it was exhausting. Coming up with a flow when you're spinning tracks that are sometimes only a minute long can be quite the challenge. Add to that the number of people who came up and made requests and you've got an endurance test. Nothing like trying to respond to a request while trying to select the next track in 30 seconds.

It was especially tricky because of the diversity of the crowd. A lot of people hear "punk/metal" and just assume it's just that. You play punk and you play metal. However, this doesn't take into account the myriad of styles within those two umbrella terms. Lucky 13 plays home to punkers, metal heads, emo kids, thrashers, and any number of other subgenre music lovers. Hence the difficulty in bringing something for everybody. "Do you have (insert obscure Finnish metal band here)?", "Have you got (never heard of punk rock band from Ohio)?", etc.

In all, I think people were happy and were pretty understanding when it came to me not having what they wanted. I suggested to Melody that next time I spin, we make it a "BYOCD" (bring your own CD) event, similar to Contempt. This would allow me a little more range and keep the folks a bit happier. I've also got an evil plan which would involve me bringing a laptop and burning a copy of the CD before playing it (heh heh heh). We'll see.

So, all in all, a lot of fun, even if I did piss off the occasional 300 pound fan of Tad.

Giving the ears a rest with:

Tom Waits - Bad News Out Of A Pretty Mouth
(two discs of my Waits faves)

Bluescreen - Undercurrents
(thump thump thump squeal)

Goldfrapp - Felt Mountain
(lounge from outer space; seeing her tonight!)

Enduser - Calling The Vultures
(OK, can't always give the ears a rest)

Various - Bludgeoned
(OK, REALLY CAN'T give the ears a rest)


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